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Roulette Russe

Petra Kleis – Girlification

Petra Kleis – Girlification

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Forfatter: Jeppe Ugelvig, Annie Sprinkle

Format: Hardback

Sprog: Engelsk

ISBN: 9788797037652

Højde: 305 mm

Bredde: 230 mm

Antal sider: 192


Deeply fascinated with the freedom and playfulness expressed by Maja Malou Lyse, the photographer Petra Kleis (b.1983) has been documenting the artist, ten years her junior. Shot casually and sporadically over the course of three years, the series portrays the female model – artist Maja Malou Lyse – as a desired object and a desiring subject: dressing up, dressing down, or overtly reproducing classic motifs and archetypes of contemporary Western sexuality. Lyse is currently on view at the exhibition 'Art & Porn' at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Entrance to the exhibition is free on the evening. 'This dynamic duo cleverly comments on today’s porn culturein knowing, non-judgmental ways.Subtly hilarious, hence subversive.Only loving, generous, wise women could make us feel this way.Girlification is a masterful work of post-porn modernism.Positively femmetastic!'– Annie SprinkleGIRLIFICATION192 pages Texts by: Annie Sprinkle, Jeppe UgelvigGraphic design: Spine StudioPublished by: Roulette Russe

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