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Museum Tusculanum Press

Making Use of History in New South African Fiction

Making Use of History in New South African Fiction

An analysis of the purposes of historical perspectives in three post-apartheid novels

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Forfatter: Sten Moslund

Format: Hæftet

Sprog: Engelsk

ISBN: 9788772897844

Højde: 219 mm

Bredde: 152 mm

Antal sider: 135


In this book Sten Moslund studies the use of history as political ammunition and literature as historical counterdiscourse in Mongane Serote´s Gods of Our Time, Mike Nicol´s The Ibis Tapestry, and Zakes Mda´s Ways of Dying. Moslund shows how literary engagement with the past seeks to rupture the continuity of a strongly dichotomised epistemology and through that dissolve the inherited polarisation of society. Falsification of history is exposed as constructed discourse and past simplifications of reality as sharply demarcated into homogenous self-justifying, categorisations of, Us against Them, are challenged with paradox, doubt and introspection.
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