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Children’s Literature

Children’s Literature

in the Nordic World

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Forfatter: Nina Christensen, Charlotte Appel

Format: Hæftet

Sprog: Dansk

ISBN: 9788772195919

Højde: 201 mm

Bredde: 146 mm

Antal sider: 116


Nordic children’s books and media have changed greatly over the past 250 years. Form and content, materiality, concepts of childhood, and media technologies have all developed over time. The access to such media has varied too, depending on social differences and the establishment of schools, libraries, and the new institutions of the Nordic welfare states. 

Nina Christensen and Charlotte Appel explore the reading cultures of Danish children from around 1750 until today. They consider specific children’s experiences, influential adults, and examples of Nordic children’s literature and translations in their historical contexts.
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