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Four Ethical Principles

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ISBN: 9788772458144

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This is vol. 2 of 2. Volume 1: Bioethics and Biolaw. Judgement of Life (EAN 9788772458120) 

What is the strength and the limits of the principle of respect for autonomy in bioethics and biolaw?  

This problem was discussed on the second major international conference on Bioethics and Biolaw, held in Copenhagen in the nineties in connections to a project on Bioethics and Biolaw, undertaken by the Danish Centre for Ethics and Law supported by UNESCO, the Danish Research Councils, the European Commission, The University of Copenhagen, The Danish Council for Ethics and various Foundations. 

This Volume presents the relationships and tensions between “Four Ethical Principles”: the principle of autonomy and three alternative principles, i.e. those of Dignity, integrity, and vulnerability. Here distinguished scholars in the fields of philosophy, law, and medicine address the most pressing issues on ethical principles in bioethics and biolaw: 
- Does care of the individual only consist in the respect of its autonomy? 
- Is respect for dignity an alternative to respect for autonomy? 
- What is the meaning of integrity of a living being? 
- Is the idea of integrity apt to express the common qualities considered to be protected both in human and non-human biotechnology?  
- How can the description of vulnerability imply a normative appeal for taking care of Biological, social and cultural beings?
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