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Forlaget Silkefyret

At The River's Mouth

At The River's Mouth

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Forfatter: Michael Barrett, Stephen Joyce, Matthew Travers and more

Format: Hæftet

Sprog: Engelsk

ISBN: 9788793717046

Højde: 184 mm

Bredde: 127 mm

Antal sider: 172


  Nine short stories about Aarhus. Eight writers with personal connections to Denmark, Europe and the world. One meeting place.

This book celebrates the art and fellowship of writing. At Godsbanen, a former industrial rail terminus-turned cultural hub in the heart of Aarhus, international writers meet on a weekly basis to talk about their work. This group has together created At The River's Mouth, an interwoven collection of short stories that uses Aarhus as a scene, a character, and a connective tissue.

These nine short stories give the reader a new view of the city at the river’s mouth.

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