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Renaissance readings of the Corpus Aristotelicum

Renaissance readings of the Corpus Aristotelicum

Proceedings of the conference held in Copenhagen 23-25 April 1998

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Aristotle is generally considered as a philosopher whose authority characterized the Middle Ages. However, in the sixteenth century alone, more works on Aristotle than throughout the preceding 1000 years were produced. Moreover, the Medieval Latin translations were supplanted by new texts. Thus, the entire corpus was made accessible in contemporary Latin before 1600. The whole of Aristotle´s oeuvre was subjected to the philosophical reorientation of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries; eventually the new readings of his works influenced contemporary thought on dialectic, science, poetics etc. In thirteen articles, the authors discuss the changing interpretations of Aristotle´s works and his influence in various disciplines, from Dante and until the seventeenth century.

With contributions by Sten Ebbesen, Antonis Fyrigos, Kristian Jensen, Eckhard Keßler, Bo Lindberg, David A. Lines, Marianne Marcussen, Heikki Mikkeli, John Monfasani, Olaf Pluta, Gert Sørensen, Cesare Vasoli, and Peter Wagner.

The editor, Marianne Pade, Ph.D., is research lecturer at The Medieval Centre, Institute for Greek and Latin, University of Copenhagen.

Text in English and Italian (two articles).
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