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EDGE. 20 Essays On Contemporary Art Education

EDGE. 20 Essays On Contemporary Art Education

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Forfatter: Anette Göthlund, Helene Illeris, Kirstine W Thrane (eds) Co-editors: Gunnhildur Una Jónsdóttir and Taneli Tuovinen

Format: Spiralryg

Sprog: Engelsk

ISBN: 9788779173866

Højde: 240 mm

Bredde: 205 mm

Antal sider: 384


In EDGE: 20 essays on contemporary art education you can explore texts and visuals that focus on contemporary social, cultural, aesthetic and philosophical issues in art education. The anthology is written by 30 Nordic and Baltic researchers, artists and teachers. The authors adopt contemporary approaches such as the concept of experience, multimodality, disability studies, poetic function, museum studies, collaborative writing, social constructions, A/r/tography and performance ethnography. Together the 20 essays in EDGE offer new tools for teachers, researchers and artists to question and develop the role of art education in contemporary societies.
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