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Roulette Russe



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Forfatter: Robin Clark, Aaron Moulton, Carsten Thau, Gitte Ørskou, Henrik Oxvig, Kristine Kern, Marie Nipper, Robert Heinlein

Format: Hardback

Sprog: Engelsk

ISBN: 9788797037683

Højde: 305 mm

Bredde: 218 mm

Antal sider: 288


Aslak Vibæk and Peter Døssing (both born 1974) merged their initials and formed the duo AVPD in 1997. MONO is the first-ever published monograph on their work. MONO is really a DUO, or even a TRIO, consisting of three parts: a hardcover book WORKS, a softcover book ESSAYS, and a cardboard object framing the two book formats in the packaging. 

WORKS is an encyclopaedia of the artworks done by AVPD during the period from 1997 to 2020. It serves as an index over their complete works and unfolds a generous selection of their most significant works. 

ESSAYS brings selected texts cover a wide range of subjects including a sci-fi short story, scientific articles, and thorough and concise examinations of the duo’s work. 

Text by: Gitte Ørskou, Robert A. Heinlein, Aaron Moulton, Michael Bond, Marie Nipper, Robin Clark, Carsten Thau, Henrik Oxvig, Kristine Kern, Helene Gamst and AVPD.
Graphic design: Studio Claus Due
Published by: Roulette Russe
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