Timothy R. Tangherlini, Danish Folktales, Legends & Others Stories
Danish Folktales, Legends, and Other Stories is a collection of translated and annotated Nordic folklore that presents the full repertoires of five storytellers along with extensive archival material. The printed book presents some of the most compelling stories of these important storytellers, accompanied by historical and biographical introductions. Of a length suitable for course use, the book provides a substantive and enjoyable encounter with Danish folklore. The Danish Folklore Nexus, on the accompanying DVD, includes the storytellers' full repertories, plus five hundred additional stories in both Danish and English, along with essays on the changing political, social, and economic landscapes of nineteenth-century Denmark; the history of folklore scholarship; critical approaches to folklore; and comprehensive biographies of the storytellers. It also provides links between related stories and interactive maps that will allow readers to see where the stories are set and where they were collected, as well as mechanisms to search for themes and topics across all the stories. Edited and translated by Timothy R. Tangherlini Timothy R. Tangherlini is professor of folklore and chair of the Scandinavian Section at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Timothy R. Tangherlini, Danish Folktales, Legends & Others Stories

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    Forfattere: Timothy R. Tangherlini
    Forlag: Museum Tusculanum
    ISBN: 9788763541183
    Udgivelsesdato: 07-02-2014
    Sprog: Dansk
    Sideantal: 234
    Vægt: 528g