The Posthuman Condition
If biotechnology can be used to ´upgrade´ humans physically and mentally, should it be used at all? And, if so, to what extent? How will biotechnology affect societal cohesion? Can the development be controlled, or is this a Pandora's box that should remain closed?
These are but a few of the perplex questions facing scientists as a result of the increasing ability of technology to change biology and, in turn, profoundly change human living conditions. This development has created a new posthuman horizon that will influence contemporary life and politics in anumber of ways.
The Posthuman Condition addresses the challenges of:Imagining a society where the properties of humans have shifted radically Assessing the scope of deploying technologies that are already underwayBasing decisions on an ethical foundation that does not entail a concept of human natureAscertaining the types of political action that can and should be taken in the face of this situation
The anthology brings together researchers from a wide range of disciplines: biotechnology, medicine, ethics, politics, and aesthetics, and among contributors are Francis Fukuyama, Julian Savulescu, Maxwell Mehlman, John Harris and Chris Hables Gray.

The Posthuman Condition

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    Forlag: Aarhus Universitetsforlag
    ISBN: 9788779345706
    Udgivelsesdato: 10-05-2012
    Sprog: Engelsk
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