Søren R.K. Nielsen, Zili Zhang, Stochastic Dynamics
Buildings, bridges and tunnels are continuously exposed to forces of nature such as wind, waves, earthquakes and even traffic. Because these forces are hard to predict and model, it is also hard to predict how these structures respond.
Stochastic Dynamics introduces a way of modeling forces and responses using stochastic systems, providing a method of statistical analysis where precise predictions are impossible. Including topics such as stochastic processes, stochastic vibration theory of linear structures, reliability theory of dynamicstructures and Monte Carlo techniques, this book explains stochastic structural dynamics and how to apply it to modern structures.

Søren R.K. Nielsen, Zili Zhang, Stochastic Dynamics

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    Forfattere: Søren R.K. Nielsen, Zili Zhang
    Forlag: Aarhus Universitetsforlag
    ISBN: 9788771842326
    Udgivelsesdato: 21-06-2017
    Sprog: Engelsk
    Sideantal: 215
    Vægt: 476g