Rigetta Klint, HÅNDVÆRK no. 2 (english)
The HÅNDVÆRK bookazine deals with crafts and design. The growing focus on globalization and digitization sparks a yearning for analogue and tangible processes and products. The two annual issues of the HÅNDVÆRK bookazine invite the reader into the analogue landscape with stories about skilled, dedicated makers, artisans, designers and communicators. The bookazine has a Scandinavian perspective and a global outlook.

Issue no. 2 focuses on textile. Rigetta Klint has met with textile designers, weavers, hatters and fashion designers and tell their stories in the bookazine.

You are invited on a visit to Århus Possementfabrik, which makes flag halyard for Wegner’s Flag Halyard Chair and also collaborates with Kasper Thorup, whose chair won the title as Denmark’s next furniture classic in the programme Danmarks Næste Klassiker produced and broadcast by DR1 in 2019. You can meet the textile artist Vibeke Rohland and take part in an indigo workshop with the Japanese production collective BUAISOU. You will also be introduced to Lærke Lillelund, who uses eelgrass as furniture stuffing at A. Petersen Collection & Craft in Copenhagen, and you are invited to stretch out on a Hästens bed, which also has premium stuffing.

HÅNDVÆRK bookazine no. 2 describes a stay at the former model Monica Conradsen’s luxury boutique hotel The Monica on the Danish island of Ærø. In Brussels you will meet another former model, now diplomat, Synne Espensen, in a fashion series with equal parts pre-loved and new elements.

Issue no. 2 also features a photo series of textiles in a wide range of different settings and an index listing all the companies represented in the bookazine.

The bookazine is published in separate Danish- and English-language editions.

HÅNDVÆRK bookazine no. 3 is released in September 2020. This third issue is titled ‘home’.

Rigetta Klint, HÅNDVÆRK no. 2 (english)

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