Lene Rachel Andersen, Metamodernity
The world is changing. Our old knowledge and general understanding of the world do not provide sufficient answers anymore. As our old understandings and the answers we get from them are insufficient, the ways we are used to react and behave do not work well anymore either. Social norms that used to make us come across as polite and friendly are suddenly offensive to some; a good education that used to lead to a good job is outdated when you receive your diploma. Our cultural compass cannot contain and judge the world properly because the challenges we are facing were not a part of our world when we came of age and learned what the world was like.Metamodernity provides us with a framework for understanding ourselves and our societies in a more complex way. Metamodernity is a way of strengthening local, national, continental, and global cultural heritage among all. It thus has the potential to dismantle the fear of losing one’s culture as the global economy as well as the internet and exponential technologies are disrupting our current modes of societal organization and governance.

Lene Rachel Andersen, Metamodernity

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    Forfattere: Lene Rachel Andersen
    Forlag: Nordic Bildung
    ISBN: 9788793791015
    Udgivelsesdato: 20-06-2019
    Sprog: Engelsk
    Sideantal: 138
    Vægt: 171g