Kiti Weil, The Children in Paletten
The Children in “Paletten” is a true story about three children’s trip to the end of the world. Here they find a paradise far away from today’s world of electronics, a simple life in nature where the sea and the woods are most important of all.  The crabs in the sea, the grasshoppers in the fields offer the most wonderful experiences. A small village with few shops is much more exciting than all the big shopping centers.  Whatever happens in the future these memories will stay deep inside their souls.                

Uddrag af bogen  
The children’s parents had tiny pink house called “Paletten” because it had once been a painter’s studio. (A palette is a piece of wood with a hole in on which the painter blends his colours.) Because of the hole he is able to hold it with one hand so he can dip the brush in the paint while he paints. Here they were to stay for six weeks, the first three weeks with their mother and grandmother and then their father came from England and spend the last three weeks with them. All the children slept in one room. Miki and David in red bunk beds and Tania in another little red bed. The street they lived in was called Solvangsvej. The road opposite was called Tennisvej. It was called that because there were two tennis courts. Next to one of the tennis courts was their great grandmothers old black log house. Often tennis balls came into the garden. 

Om forfatteren 
Kiti Weil was born and raised in Holte, Denmark. She has spent every summer in Tisvildeleje for which she has deep feelings. Lived in London 1963-89, Israel 1989-97. Was involved in the artworld. Returned to Holte in 1997 and studied comparative religion. Her children’s book, The Green Lady from Tisvildeleje was published in 2014. 

Kiti Weil, The Children in Paletten

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