Kennet Fischer Föh;Lene Mandøe;Bjarke Tinten, Business Law
Business Law is a translation of the 2nd edition of Erhvervsjura - videregående uddannelser.
It is an educational textbook for the subject of business law.
The textbook covers all important topic’s within business law such as:
	The Legal System
	Private International Law
	Insolvency Law
	Contract law
	Instruments of debt and other claims
	Sale of Goods
	Sale of real estate and Registration (of real estate)
	Charges, mortgages and pledges
	Credit agreements
	Tort Law
	Product liability and Insurance
	Company law, Market law, Labour Law, Family Law and Law of Inheritance
Business Law is aimed at students in the Academy Profession Programme, Diploma Programme and other programmes at BA-level.

Kennet Fischer Föh;Lene Mandøe;Bjarke Tinten, Business Law

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    Forfattere: Kennet Fischer Föh;Lene Mandøe;Bjarke Tinten
    Forlag: Gyldendal
    ISBN: 9788776758608
    Udgivelsesdato: 22-08-2012
    Sprog: Dansk
    Sideantal: 714
    Vægt: 1515g