Kalydon in Aitolia I-II
Vol. I: Reports and Studies Vol. II: Catalogues
In 2001 the Danish Institute at Athens commenced a large scale archaeological field project in ancient Kalydon in Aitolia. Kalydon is located around eight kilometres as the crow flies from Chalkis, on the west side of Mount Varassova in the direction of the present-day capital of Aitolia, Messolonghi. Kalydon plays a considerable role in ancient mythology as described in Homer's Iliad. For that reason, the important Sanctuary of Artemis Laphria outside the city walls and a so-called Heroon/palaestra, were excavated by a team of Danish and Greek archaeologists during the years 1926 to 1935. The new investigations are thus a continuation of an earlier Danish/Greek cooperation, this time with focus on the town itself.

Kalydon in Aitolia I-II

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