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Hydraulik.Hydraulics gives the reader a look into the world of hydraulics and the possibilities within.The book begins by introducing principles of physics to provide a better understanding of relationships within elementary hydraulics.The following sections offer extensive descriptions of the tasks and functions performed by individual hydraulic components — including pumps, motors, cylinders, pressure valves, directional valves, cartridge valves, flow valves, proportional valves, and accumulators. The book additionally discusses measurement technology and maintenance of hydraulic systems.Hydraulics can be used as a reference for working engineers and service technicians, or as a textbook for those wishing to learn about or refresh their knowledge of hydraulic theory through independent study.This book was written for use in a range of vocational secondary education programmes (Danish: erhvervsuddannelser), and can also be used by engineers, technicians, mechanics, engineer officers, etc.

, Hydraulics

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