Erik Bang Boesen, Confessions
In my 2. book in the English language "Confessions" I continue right down the road of the memory lane, both past and present. 

And it has once more been with a lot of mixed feelings to write these biographical poems, because some of them goes deep and hurts inside, by refreshing them from the memory.
But fortunately, there has been both sad and joyful memories in my life, which the poems also reflect.
And you know, in a strange way it has been a nice therapeutic relief to get rid of. Sometimes it is good for the mental health for a person to take a good look inside oneself and clean up all the drawers and cabinets the memory bank, to erase all the bad and negative things and get on with life, because you can not use it for anything anyway
Enjoy. This i a powerfull book of alkoholabuse, drama and love.

Erik Bang Boesen, Confessions

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