A Skjold, Under Valkyrie's Wing
A collection of darkly humorous stories that will enchant and surprise. 
Valkyrie, as the angel of death and exiler of earthly love, leads souls 
beyond the mists of this realm and into the next. Each character finds 
themselves gripped in dilemma and must make a choice. There is comedy, 
tragedy and pure fantasy in a kaleidoscope of tales; but in the end all 
is made fair under the wing of the Valkyrie. 
'A compulsive read that left me thinking about the characters lives. I 
wanted to know what had really happened to the mysterious Sonja.' 
- 'Life in the Wall', Real Writers and Book Place 2002 competition.

A Skjold, Under Valkyrie's Wing

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    Forfattere: A Skjold
    Forlag: Whyte Tracks
    ISBN: 9788792632074
    Udgivelsesdato: 31-10-2013
    Sprog: Engelsk
    Sideantal: 290
    Vægt: 457g